Digital Advertising Opportunities

Digital advertising enables your company to reach and engage to your target markets to impact sales.
From website banners to social media, we can help you connect with your prime audience.

Website Banners

Homepage advertising

Top banner video and advert £800 +VAT per month
Top Banner advert £500 +VAT per month
Width: 521px
Height: 245px
Scroll bar £350 + VAT per month

Banner advertising on

Category advertising

Width: 290px
Height: 800px

Advertising to appear on any of the following categories;

  • Recipe page
  • lifestyle
  • news

Rates per category
1 month- £85 per category
3 months - £210 per category
6 months - £400 per category
12 months - £690 per category

To advertise with PlantBased Magazine

For all advertising enquiries, contact Pip Matthews on 01787 220659 or alternatively email for more information.